How BJP is making in-roads in Tamil Nadu while AIADMK factions talk of merger

The BJP is keeping a close watch on the in Tamil Nadu after rumours came up that OPS and EPS factions of the AIADMK are likely to merge.

While the AIADMK is trying to set its house in order, it is the BJP which is being approached by ex-MLAs and other Tamil Nadu leaders.

Keeping a close watch on the developments taking place in Chennai, BJP general secretary in-charge of Tamil Nadu Muralidhar Rao said, "There are number of people who want to join the BJP and they are in touch with us."

Demanding a thorough probe into the entire matter related to cancellation of RK Nagar bypolls and bribe issue involving TTV Dinakaran, Rao said, "Situation in Tamil Nadu is alarming. Things are moving in different directions. A thorough probe is required about the FIR issued by Delhi Police and the cancellation of bypolls in RK Nagar."

On the rumours of a likely merger between EPS and OPS factions of the AIADMK, Rao said that situation isn't stable in the state.

"There is discomfort between both the factions. The present government is not taking things in a proper way. How and which direction will MLAs of the AIADMK take remains to be seen but we want transparency." He added that even the truth about former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister late J Jayalalithaa should come out. "There is tryst deficit about the treatment of Jayalalithaa and her death which has created doubts."

Meanwhile, the Congress has already blamed the BJP for trying to destabilise the government in Tamil Nadu.

Terming this as a politically motivated campaign, Rao said, "What is Congress' answer to cancellation of bypolls in RK Nagar?" Rao added that situation is ripe in Tamil Nadu and new pathways are opening for the BJP in the state. "The party is going to extend its reach in the state. BJP rise will be significant and Tamil Nadu will be our new frontier."

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