BJP makes shocking claim against TMC; says party worker Bikas Nagar killed by goons

Bikas Nagar, a BJP worker was murdered by the TMC goons in Sonapur Dakshin. There have been allegations from both sides through political violence. Bikas Nagar was a party worker of BJP in booth number 57 from Sonapur Dakshin. Now BJP thinks that this particular worker Bikas Nagar has been hanged by the TMC goons and now they are demanding an investigation in the matter. Also, it is the fourth claim by BJP in the last 24 hours. It started from bombing Arjun Singh’s residence in Barrackpore, then there were attacks in Nandigram then Sheetal Kapat, a BJP candidate was also allegedly attacked and now BJP is claiming Bikas Nagar has been hanged by TMC goons.