BJP-led MCDs delaying fogging drives, 25 dengue cases in May: AAP

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New Delhi, May 26 (PTI) The AAP said 25 dengue cases have been reported in Delhi alone in May and accused the BJP-led municipal corporations of delaying fogging to prevent the spread of the disease.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Dugesh Pathak noted that not a single case of dengue was reported in the month of May since 2013.

The municipal corporations here bought anti-dengue medicine at Rs 3,600 per kg, while the BJP-led municipal council of Bhopal bought it for Rs 2,400 per kg, he claimed at a press conference.

No immediate reaction was available from the Delhi BJP on the matter.

Pathak blamed the BJP's 'careless and corrupt politics' for the cases of dengue.

'BJP is playing with the lives of people by delaying the fogging and spraying of dengue medicines on time, (while) trying to earn commission,' he said.

'Twenty-five dengue cases reported in Delhi alone in May, this hasn't happened ever since 2013, BJP's careless and corrupt politics is to be blamed,' the AAP leader added.

Pathak also claimed that BJP leaders are indulging in the “dirty politics of corruption” even in the purchase of medicines.

'MCD did not buy dengue medicine on time for fogging and spraying in Delhi; attempting to make commission since 2 months now, delaying the process,' said Pathak.


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