BJP leader's prophecy comes true, Lotus blossoms in muddy waters of Uttar Pradesh

The words said in jest turned prophetic as the counting of votes began. When polling trends began flashing on TV screens, a party leader even described the situation as "Vanvaas poora ho gaya (The exile is over)".

A day before the counting of votes began in Lucknow, a BJP leader pointed at the rains that had lashed the state capital on Friday. "The muddy waters are an indication that the lotus will blossom now," he said. In the next few hours, this line was doing the rounds on social media platforms, from WhatsApp to Twitter and Facebook.

The words said in jest turned prophetic the following day. On Saturday, as the polling trends began flashing on TV screens, rush at the BJP office in Lucknow grew thicker. Drum beats louder. Never the one to lose an opportunity to draw religious imagery, a party leader described the situation thus: "Vanvaas poora ho gaya (The exile is over)."

The BJP's return to power in the state after more than 14 years being linked to lord Ram was not lost on the audience.

The state party leadership clearly had an idea of things to come up a day in advance. That is why, Lucknow office executive Bharat Dixit on Friday evening placed an order of 120 kg of sweets to one of their traditional sweet suppliers - Parampara Sweets.

By afternoon, it was difficult to use the road where the party office is located. The outdoor broadcast (OB) vans from various media channels, parked on both sides of the road, left only a thin strip for the moving vehicles. Holi came two days in advance for the party workers as the courtyard was a riot of colours.

The two recurring slogans were 'Modi-Modi' and 'Jai Shri Ram' and every time the cameras rolled on, the pitch went shrill. Inside the newly-renovated Lucknow BJP office with shiny tiles, portraits of ideologues and flat-screen TVs, there was no leader of importance. "Sab TV channels par hain, (they are all in media studios)," said a few familiar faces. Each time a BJP candidate's win flashed on the screens, there would be allround clapping.

So, who will be the CM? While there have been speculations on this issue, party activists were too happy to deliberate on this. "Jo Modi ji ka aadesh hoga (Whatever Modi says, goes)," was the sentiment across the crowd.

Clearly, every one knew that the party owed the unprecedented success to none other than PM Modi.

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