BJP Leaders in North MCD Are Looting Rs 1400 Crores of House Tax Money Every Year, Says AAP Leader Durgesh Pathak

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New Delhi, November 1: Addressing a press conference on Sunday, AAP senior leader and MCD in-charge Shri Durgesh Pathak said that the BJP has converted the MCD into a hub for corruption. He said that despite the potential to collect Rs 2100 crores as property tax from 12 lakh properties every year, the North MCD shows Rs 700 crores as tax collection in its records, and the remaining Rs 1400 crores are pocketed by the BJP leaders.

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On behalf of the Aam Aadmi Party, Shri Durgesh Pathak demanded a thorough investigation in the matter and criminal charges against the BJP leaders for looting the tax money of the people of Delhi. He slammed the BJP leaders for doing corruption at a time when this money should be used for paying salaries to the MCD doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, teachers, and giving pensions to the 24000 pensioners of the MCD.

Shri Durgesh Pathak said, "Since the last 14 years, BJP has made the MCD the hub of corruption. The situation is that the doctors, workers, nurses, teachers have not gotten their salaries. The MCD workers are on a strike since yesterday. The condition of the MCD is such that today they do not even have funds to pay salaries to their employees. Along with the officials, the BJP leaders have converted the MCD into a factory of corruption, into a medium of looting money. BJP-Ruled MCD Should Immediately Release Pension of 24,000 Pensioners and Stop Doing Politics, Says AAP Leader Durgesh Pathak.

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Today, while the MCD employees are on a strike, the BJP councilors are riding in their luxury vehicles. Where is all their money coming from? We want to present some documents, to apprise you of the real picture, especially concerning the North MCD, where the situation is the worst."

"The BJP-ruled MCD collects the property taxes in Delhi. In the last few years, the North MCD marked around 12 lakh people who were to pay the property tax. These 12 lakh people were also issued a University Property Identification Code. If this tax money was collected from these 12 lakh people and submitted in the treasury of the North MCD without corruption, it would amount to Rs 2100 crores every year. But, the BJP shows the property tax of only 4 lakh people in the treasury, which shows that they have collected somewhere around Rs 700 crores. They have removed 8 lakh people from the records. They show their collection to be Rs 700 crores, and the remaining Rs 1400 crores is distributed amongst the BJP leaders," he said.

Shri Durgesh Pathak said, "I say this with full responsibility, every page or file in the MCD records reeks of corruption. The BJP leaders are looting Rs 1400 crores collected by the MCD in the name of property tax. They cannot pay their nurses, the 24000 elderly people are not getting their pensions, their A, B, C class employees, the teachers, no one is getting the salary. I want to tell the people of Delhi that the doctors, nurses, workers, are not getting their salaries because the BJP is looting Rs 1400 crores. Corruption in MCD Must Stop, Not Releasing Doctors' Salaries Is Utterly Shameful, Says Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

If the 24000 pensioners are not getting their pension, it is because the BJP is looting the house tax money which should have been used to pay the pension of these people. This money never reaches the MCD treasury. There is only one reason that the doctors, nurses, teachers, and other MCD employees are protesting, the BJP has made the MCD a hub and a factory of corruption. I say this with full responsibility that this whole matter must be investigated, that Rs 1400 crores are collected but never reach the MCD treasury must be investigated, or audited by CAG and other agencies. The AAP demands criminal action against the BJP leaders for looting the money."