BJP leader targeted in a Chandigarh event; Farmers attacked Mayor’s carcade

As per the latest news coming in from Chandigarh, where the city’s Mayor’s convoy was attacked in Sector-48, where he visited an event, alleged reports suggest that the attack was initiated by a group of farmers who had reached there. Sources and visuals from the incident indicate that a huge protest group blocked the leader’s vehicle suddenly. This was when the BJP officials visited a program in the motor market of the city, where they were supposed to be felicitated. As the leaders were about to leave, the Kisan Neta’s entered the premise with a huge gathering of agitating farmers, some of which even turned violent and started to thrash the Chandigarh mayor's cars. The police had arrived at the location and are trying to settle down the chaos and identify the reason behind this outburst. Listen in!

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