BJP leader Sushil Modi targets Tejaswi, says he acquired property worth Rs 115 crore in Delhi

BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi has made yet another allegation on Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav's family for acquiring benami property. Modi has alleged that Bihar deputy CM and Lalu's youngest son Tejaswi Yadav owns benami property property worth Rs 115 crore in Delhi.

Backing his allegations with documentary proof, Modi disclosed how Lalu and his family, through another shell company AB Exports Pvt Ltd acquired this benami property in the national capital.

Documentary proof provided by BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi. 

The BJP leader said that similar to Delight Marketing Pvt Ltd and AK Infosystems, AB Exports Ltd, which was promoted by Mumbai based businessman Ashok Kumar Banthiya, too transferred the shareholding in this company to Lalu and his family members in 2011.



  1. AB export Pvt Ltd, which was promoted by businessman Ashok Banthiya, was provided interest-free loan of Rs 1 crore each from five Mumbai based diamond traders in 2007-08.
  2. The name of the diamond traders are Alka Diamonds Industries, Real Gold Trading Co. Pvt Ltd, Hema Trading Co. Pvt Ltd, Lexus Infotech Ltd and Yash V Jewels Ltd, which together provided a loan of Rs 5 crore to AB Exports.
  3. In 2007-08 itself, AB Exports used the amount to purchase 800 square feet land worth Rs 5 crore in Delhi's posh New Friends Colony (address of the land is D-1088). The total value of the land today is Rs 55 crore.
  4. There is a four storey building on the land now, which is worth Rs 60 crore and belongs to Lalu and his family.
  5. Interestingly, like Delight Marketing and AK Infosystems, the shareholding of this company changed hands from 2011 onwards and presently, Banthiya does not have stake in the company. Instead, Lalu and his family members completely control the company.
  6. Presently, Tejaswi Yadav holds 98 per cent share in the company and Lalu's daughter Chanda Yadav holds 2 per cent.
  7. Lalu's daughters Chanda and Ragini are the only two directors in the company.


Leveling charges on Lalu and his family, Modi raised questions as to why the five diamond companies provided interest free loans to AB Export and why, after few years, the company transferred the complete shareholding to Lalu and his family?

Notably, Delight Marketing, a company previously owned by Lalu's trusted aide and RJD MP Prem Gupta, is also registered in the same address D-1088, New Friends Colony. Modi has demanded a probe into the matter and also on Lalu and his family. He questioned why several companies purchased properties worth over crore in Patna and Delhi and slowly handed over the control to Lalu and family?

Modi maintained that in the three expose he has made, it has been proved that Lalu and his family is the owner of benami property to the tune of Rs 1,100 crore.

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