BJP leader Ananth Hegde claims Fadnavis' 80-hour CM stunt was planned to 'save' 40,000 crores

BJP leader Ananth K Hegde calls BJP’s attempt to retain its Chief Minister’s seat with Devendra Fadnavis swearing-in early morning as ‘planned drama’ with ulterior motives.

As reported by ANI, Ananth K Hegde, BJP MP and former Union Minister claims that the BJP had been plotting the 80 hours’ CM coup for too long, he said that it was done to save Rs 40 thousand crores, the Chief Minister’s Fund allocated by the centre.

Anant Kumar Hegde said, 'You all know that our man (Fadnavis) in Maharashtra became the Chief Minister for 80 hours and then resigned. Why did they do this drama? Didn't we know that we did not have a majority and yet he became CM. This is the question that everyone asks.”

Hegde also said, “CM has access to around Rs 40,000 Cr from Centre.He knew if Congress-NCP-Shiv Sena govt comes to power it would misuse funds meant for development. So it was decided that there should be a drama. Fadnavis became CM&in 15hrs he moved Rs40,000 Cr back to Centre”

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