BJP’s JP Nadda and Shrayam Bhargava Graced Each Other and Talked at Length

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It is said that JP Nadda even blessed the young politician for his efforts towards BJP.

The world of politics is such where new professionals enter each year. However, only a few go ahead in creating milestones in the same. It is no walk in the park to create a prominent position for oneself in the vast sector of politics, but some people have astounded the world through the brilliance they have shown over the years and the work they have done in their political career. Especially, the young political minds have gained great prominence lately for their newer ideas and visions; Shrayam Bhargava is one such name, who is an eminent BJP politician and personality from UP, who recently met BJP's President JP Nadda.

When two people of such calibre meet, one can imagine the level of discussion between the two. They sweetly posed for the cameras and showed excitement and happiness meeting each other. Both of them met and discussed at length about Prayagraj and BJP UP's government. The two personalities seemed too deep in conversation. It is said that Shrayam Bhargava wishes to make many more efforts for strengthening the power of youth in UP as he is not just known as a politician of the ruling party, but is also a businessman and influencer for the youth, who has influenced them in ways more than one.Also Read | Puducherry Trust Vote: V Narayansamy-Led Government Loses Majority in 33-Member Assembly

Speaking about JP Nadda; he is a well-known politician of the BJP and currently serves as the President of the same since January 20, 2020. Formerly, he has been the Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare and has also remained a member of Rajya Sabha from Himachal Pradesh and BJP's Parliamentary Board Secretary. He is right now serving as the 11th President of the ruling party.