BJP to hold Kolkata convention to woo Muslim voters away from Trinamool

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BJP to hold Kolkata convention to woo Muslim voters away from Trinamool

After TMC organised a Brahmin convention on December 8, the BJP as a counter has scheduled a Muslim convention in Kolkata today.

Days after the Trinamool Congress organised a Brahmin convention in the Birbhum district amid clamour of the party trying to influence BJP's Hindu vote bank, the saffron party in a counter will organise a Muslim convention today.

The Muslim convention will be held in Kolkata to show that the minority vote bank is not exclusive to the Trinamool Congress (TMC).

BJP's Minority Morcha president Ali Hossain told India Today that is a misconception that the TMC is the sole custodian of minorities in West Bengal.

"We want minority workers of the BJP to assert themselves ahead of the panchayat polls. Minorities have supported the BJP long before Mamata Banerjeee formed the TMC."

Claiming that the BJP is the best option for minorities in the state, Hossain said, "Every Indian believes in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's slogan Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. The TMC is not interested in development of minorities, who have only moved backwards in West Bengal. Minorities have less than two per cent reservation in West Bengal as against ten per cent in Gujarat."

Alleging that the TMC has been fooling minorities, Hossain said, "Are there any jobs for minorities? They have started calling Mamata's bluff."

These efforts from both parties have gained steam now, ahead of the panchayat elections in May this year.


TMC is gearing for a major paradigm shift by sidelining its "minority appeasing" identity to embrace more Hindu-intrinsic values to portray itself as a pro-Hindu party as well.

Of late, the BJP has been trying to portray a minority friendly image realising that it cannot win Mamata's bastion without reaching out to the 30 per cent strong Muslim vote bank.

With inputs from Indrajit Kundu