BJP & Hindu Mahasabha question NGT order banning firecrackers, term it "Hurting of Hindu sentiments"

Capital health emergency: The BJP & Hindu Mahasabha have questioned NGT's order banning the firecrackers this Diwali season that came only today. The Hindu Mahasabha says that this is an attempt to hurt Hindu sentiments as infact the NGT has put a blanket ban on the bursting of crackers this Diwali. This ban will be in place till November 30 and only green crackers can be permitted to bursting the areas that have a moderate or better air quality. The areas which have poor air quality or worse will not be allowed to burst crackers.

This has not gone down well with the leaders of Hindu Mahasabha terming it as hurting of the sentiments of the Hindu Community.

#NGTFirecrackerBan #BJPHindMahasabhaOpposeNGTOrder

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