BJP will Form Government with Two-Thirds Majority in West Bengal, Says Amit Shah

New Delhi: Union Home Minister and BJP chief Amit Shah predicted that BJP is going to form the government in West Bengal with two-thirds majority in the upcoming 2021 assembly elections.

In an exclusive interview to News18 Network’s Group Editor-in-Chief Rahul Joshi, Shah, said, “My prediction is the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is going to form the government in West Bengal with two-thirds of majority.”

Shah said, “Earlier, there was doubt among the people of Bengal whether BJP will win or not. When I used to say that we will win 20 seats (in Bengal), then people used to doubt me. Now the doubt is no longer there after we won 18 seats (in the last Lok Sabha polls). In three seats, we lost with a margin of 5,000 - 7,000 votes despite atrocities and rigging. I would like to say that BJP will form the next government with two-thirds of majority in Bengal.”

On National Register of Citizens (NRC), its roadmap and implementation, Shah said, “It will be implemented (obviously) throughout the nation before 2024. A legal process will be followed. A UN convention is set up, rules are there and it will be followed.”

When asked whether it is actually possible (implementation of NRC) considering issues related to faulty process in Assam, Shah said, “We will study the process and we will create a new system by plugging the loopholes.”

Shah, however, said that it will not be right for him to speak on ‘problems’ as the process is still going on.

Affirming that NRC will be one of the major issues in the state assembly polls, the BJP chief said, “Yes, it will be an issue in the next elections in Bengal (Assembly polls in 2021). In last election (Lok Sabha) also it was an issue. It was one of the factors behind our success in Bengal (in last Lok Sabha polls)”.

Recently in Kolkata, Shah took on the West Bengal chief minister for backtracking on her demands against illegal infiltration raised in Parliament in 2005.

“It was Mamata didi who demanded action against illegal infiltration at the Parliament during Left rule on August 4, 2005. Then, she alleged that CPIM is using illegal infiltrators as vote bank. Now what happened? Why she is opposing it? She is opposing it because now these infiltrators became her vote bank. Mamata didi is saying no to NRC and we are saying yes to it. We will pick all the illegal infiltrators and throw them out. We are not here to take the burden of people who entered India illegally,” he said.

With nearly 40 per cent vote share, BJP had managed to win 18 of the state’s 42 Parliament seats and emerged as a main challenger before Mamata Banerjee in the recently held Lok Sabha polls.

Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress issued a statement voicing its stance against NRC saying, “NRC will not be implemented in Bengal as there has been no Supreme Court decision in the matter. NRC won’t happen in Bengal. There will be tremendous resistance. There is no SC decision or accord with the Centre for implementation of NRC in Bengal unlike in Assam. We don't know how Amit Shah is saying this for Bengal.”

“We will oppose tooth and nail any effort to pass a law in Parliament on NRC or against any attempt at a constitutional amendment,” it said.

CPI (M) legislature Sujan Chakraborty said, “People of Bengal will not let this happen. We will not let this happen.”