BJP Councilor shot dead in the head by terrorists; what was his fault? | The NewsHour Agenda

On The Newshour Agenda today, Padmaja Joshi shares some facts and clarifications on the distressing news of the BJP Councilor Rakesh Pandita’s death. Apparently, he had security officials with him, but he had left them behind to visit a friend. He was shot in the head by a terrorist group, who also injured his friend. BJP members and locals across Kashmir witnessed the protest after the terrorist front released a statement. It stated that Rakesh Pandita was hunted down for being a fascist Hindu extremist. This is the 3rd attack in a similar fashion & matching reservations in the past few months. Prof GL Koul, Rakesh Pandita's Relative, makes a statement on this incident, stating that these terrorists are, in fact, getting paid from our own country by killing such people like Rakesh. This is a source of income, not fascism or extremist agenda.

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