BJP corporators walks out of the Standing Committee meeting

Mumbai: The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) corporators walked out of the standing committee to stage their protest against the Chairman, Yashwan Jadhav. BJP corporator Prabhakar Shinde has alleged that Jadhav was not following the rule of the BMC for approving a proposal and doing just as he pleases.

Shinde said that as per the rules of the BMC a proposal is to be sent to the members at least three days before being presented for approval so that the members can study the proposal and understand it. But we received the proposal just before a few hours of the meeting and when we asked him not to table the proposal in hurry and bring it again in the next standing committee meeting. Shiv Sena corporator and chairman of the standing committee meeting didn’t listen to us and just approved the proposal.

“Today at 6 am morning we received a proposal of roads and in the afternoon the proposal was tabled for approval in the committee meeting. It is clearly written in the rule book that a proposal should be given at least three days prior so that members can go throught the proposal, but despite of asking him to bring this proposal in the next meeting, chairman Jadhav didn’t allow us to talk and approved the proposal. After which BJP corporators walked out of the meeting,” said Shinde.

Further he said there were also five proposal of road repair works in the Western suburbs which we approved. The proposal deals with around more than 360 crores of rupees isn’t it should be read by the members before approving it, Shinde questioned? We will talk to out senior members and act on the issue.

“BJP does not want development of Mumbai. They are opposing to providing good roads, the proposal was already too late. They want to do politics out of this issue. Politics should not be done in matters of the development of the city,” said Yashwant Jadhav, Chairman Standing Committee.

Last week Leaders from the opposition parties in the BMC, walked out of the standing coimmittee meeting. The opposition alleged that the Standing committee chairman, Yashwant Jadhav didn’t allow them to speak on the proposal of recruitment of the engineers and approved the proposal in hurry.

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