BJP blames Congress for Republic Day carnage; Rahul Gandhi slams 'dictator' attack | Top Headlines

Here are the top headlines of the hour:

1) Delhi Police has served a notice to Darshan Pal accusing him of inciting people; Deep Sidhu who is also named as accused by the cops and will later be probed in the Red Fort siege case.

2) BJP claims that the Congress Party was responsible for what happened on the 26th of January. BJP even stated that it was Rahul Gandhi’s aide who incited violence.

3) The Shiv Sena has also blamed the Central Government and held it responsible for the havoc and violence that was crested on the 26th of January.

4) Autopsy report says that the person who died during Repulic Day violence did not sustain any bullet injury and lost his life only after the tractor turtled.

5) Among all other states, West Bengal Government has also joined the list of those state governments who have opposed the new farm laws. Resolution to be passed in the parliament soon.

6) Rahul Gandhi throws ‘dictatorship’ attack on the Central Government and claims that he was not even allowed to express his grief.

7) All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen’s President Asaduddin Owaisi has made another controversial statement. He said that the place of worship which is being constructed in Ayodhya should not be called as a Masjid

8) The batlle for Belgaum gets bigger between Karnataka and Maharashtra Government. Uddhav Sarkar to move to top court over this issue.