Bizarre: Woman Claims Her Breast Milk Turned Neon Green After She Contracted Covid-19

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A 23-year-old mother claims that her breast milk turned neon green after she and her baby contracted coronavirus. Anna Cortez, from Monterrey, Mexico, had caught Covid-19 in January and had symptoms like cold and losing her sense of taste and smell. The lady was shocked when her breast milk turned neon green as she and her baby were tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

She further claimed that as she tested negative, the milk went back to its original color. She was assured by her pediatrician, also a lactation consultant, that her milk was safe and the color change might be the result of her natural antibodies fighting off the virus to protect her daughter, Mikayla. Another reason behind it could be a diet rich in leafy greens or medication, as stated by midwives.

While talking to the Mirror, Anna said that her pediatrician informed that it is common for the mother's milk to change and adapt with antibodies when mom or baby gets sick with cold or stomach virus. The reason for the change being noticeable is directed towards the fact that the virus was strong. Anna said that her pediatrician advised her to continue breastfeeding her daughter as it was the best thing for little baby.

Experts claim that breast milk protects babies and nursing moms should continue doing it until and unless there are major health concerns.

Anna is an English teacher who is studying psychology. She mentioned about other moms she has spoken to, and said that they have also noticed a color change in their milk. Anna added that these mothers continued to feed the babies despite their milk changing color.

Daily Mail reports that when Anna shared the pictures of the milk on Facebook, other mothers contacted her to share their similar experience. Two days after Anna recovered, the milk changed back to its original colors.

A breast milk researcher at Imperial College London and co-founder of the Human Milk Foundation, Dr Natalie Shenkar said that woman generate antibodies against Covid after getting infected and those antibodies go into the milk in 90 per cent of cases.