This Bittersweet Video Teaches Us to Laugh in the Face Of Death

Did you smile when you watched this video? Did you cringe? Or did were you left teary-eyed? Or did you simply not know how to react? Well, don’t be surprised. We’ve been taught to think of death as an uncomfortable topic.

The people featured in this video are terminal patients. They were trained by professional stand-up comics to be able to perform the way they did, in front of their families and doctors. The Indian Association of Palliative (end-of-life) Care (IAPC) made this video to send across a message, and they hit bull’s eye.

They aim to show the positive effect that good palliative care can bring to a terminal patient’s life. It helps them accept their oncoming death and allows them to deal with it in a better way. In this video, they’re shown to be cracking jokes about their various illnesses.

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