Biswa’s Facebook Post Provides Hope in Times of Student Suicides

“I wasn’t good at anything,” said Biswa in his Facebook status, encouraging students to not give up on life.

Biswa Kalyan Rath’s new Facebook post is here to provide a sense of hope in the dark times marked by an increasing number of student suicides.

In the post, the comedian says:

I wasn’t good at anything then... Complete lack of skill, completely unhirable... Suddenly one day, things changed for the better and people who I assumed thought of me as a failure started messaging me saying they were proud of me. People started appreciating my work.

The Facebook status comes in the wake of a student suicide from the 19th floor of a five star hotel on Tuesday. The 24-year-old jumped to his death in Mumbai while live-streaming the last few moments of his life on Facebook.

The post has close to 500 shares and over 3,000 likes within 45 minutes of being posted.