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The crown winning reply

When the judges at the pageant asked her, "If you had the time and money to embark on a great adventure, what would it be?", the 18-year-old's confident answer was, "The best adventure in the world is the children. If I have the money and time then I would like to do something special for the children and will have some great time with them." This is what brought the country its first Miss Universe crown. Her first and best performance - live at that - ever.

Birthday Special: 10 best performances of Sushmita Sen

It has been 25 years since she was crowned Miss Universe. On her Instagram, she introduces herself as, “... still a Miss, with a Universe inside of me. Nothing has changes except the years.”

As the ‘beauty with brains’ adds another year to her wisdom. We round up 10 of her most memorable performances in her show biz career so far.