'Biriyaani' director in talks for OTT release

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Chennai, Nov 3 (PTI) Filmmaker Sajin Babu, whose 'Biriyaani' premiered at the Asiatica Film Festival in Rome and bagged the NETPAC award for the best film, says he is now in discussions for its over-the-top platform release.

He was earlier trying for a theatrical screening and a friend had promised money for it but then COVID happened and 'now it looks difficult given the present situation.' 'We are planning for an OTT release currently and in discussions and that might happen, I think,' Babu told PTI.

It is sheer passion that drives filmmakers like him to depict themes based on what is happening in society and project it on a global scale rather than confine their work to just a theatre release and local audience.

'But now with OTT platforms available, it has become easier to reach a wider audience...People will watch,discuss if they like the content....,' Babu said.

He expected that distributors would come forward considering the awards that his movie had scooped.

'That did not happen maybe because they are not aware about the film's story, details..' Kani Kusruti, who played the lead role of Khadeeja in the movie, had bagged the best actress award at the fifth BRICS film festival which was held along with the 42nd Moscow International Film festival, besides the Kerala state film award last month.

She had also won the award for second best actress at the Imagine India Film Festival at Madrid earlier this year.

The movie also secured the Padmarajan award for best screenplay at the Bangalore International Film Festival in February.

'Biriyaani' explores the journey of a married Muslim woman (Khadeeja) towards emancipation.

'It is a story of revenge...Biriyaani is the name of a character.. one has to see it to understand..,' Babu said.

Babu had earlier directed 'Unto the Dusk' (Asthamayam Vare) and 'Ayaal Sassi'- both had theatrical releases.

Not the one to sit idle, he completed two-three scripts during the lockdown and is planning to work on a thriller.PTI BN ROH ROH