Bird's Eye: Falcon Mistakes Drone for Prey, the Resulting Photo is Stunning

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Social media is abuzz with the breath-taking images of a falcon on the backdrop of the mesmerising Ukrainian landscape captured by a drone.

The drone belongs to Evgeny Komarovsky, a children's doctor, who took to Facebook to share the enthralling images of falcon looking curiously at the drone as it is flying over the beautiful Dnieper River in Cherkasy Oblast.

Dr Komarovsky described the brown bird, falcon, as "a wonderful predator".

"Here is a wonderful predator interested in my drone. How special that its pose fit in the frame so to have a beautiful view behind. The river below is the Dnieper, Cherkasy region. I've come fishing, but such a bird photoshoot is cooler than any fish!" he wrote while sharing the pictures.

Doctor Komarovsky added that the migratory bird would soon fly to Africa.

The images featured close-ups of the bird and minutely captured its talons, hooked beak and large wing span. Since being shared online, the photographs have collected over 4,900 'likes' and dozens of impressed comments.

One of the users commented: "Breathtaking photo," while other wrote, "Gorgeous pics."

One of the comments read, "The first frame is a photo masterpiece: as a combination of an exciting view and a colourful subject. And looks right at the camera, like in a studio."