Bird Flu Scare in Rajasthan: Wildlife Dept in State Issues Alert After Death of Crows in Jhalawar, Kota, Jodhpur and Other Districts

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Jaipur, January 2: A bird flue alert has been sounded in Rajasthan by the state wildlife department after crows were found dead in Jhalawar and several other districts due to avian flu. Reports informed about the mysterious deaths of crows and some other birds in other parts of the state prompted authorities to constitute a Rapid Response Team for sampling and probe. According to a report by Hindustan Times, bird flu was confirmed as the cause of death of nearly 50 crows in Jhalawar. However, now, about 300 crow deaths have been reported from different parts of the state including Kota, Baran, Jodhpur and other districts.

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On Friday, deaths of 100 birds including 50 peacocks have been reported in Nagaur district, while 60 hens were found dead in Panwar area of Jhalawar, the HT report added. The samples of the dead birds have been sent to labs to know the cause of death. In the wake of the sudden deaths of these birds, the Wildlife department is viewing this matter seriously. Rajasthan Bird Deaths: Over 4,000 Migratory Birds Found Dead Near Sambhar Lake, Death Toll Shoots to 15,000 Till Now.

According to the Jhalawar Administration, samples to be collected from poultry farms and poultry shops in the area will be closed temporarily. Speaking to media, Jhalawar Collector, Ngikya Gohain said, “Section 144 imposed in the affected area in Radi. Rapid Response Team constituted to collect samples from poultry farms there. “If bird flu is found to have infected poultry in a chicken farm then the chickens will be culled and suitable compensation will be given,” he added.

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