Bird Flu Scare: Germany Orders Slaughter of About 62,000 Turkey and Ducks as Infection Spreads to More Farms

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Berlin, January 5: The authorities in Germany reportedly ordered the slaughter of about 62,000 more turkeys and ducks to contain the spread of bird flu in the country. The latest culling orders were issued after the authorities in Cloppenburg confirmed the detection of H5N8 virus among birds found dead in the province.

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At least two large-scale farms in northern state of Lower Saxony were found with birds who contracted the type H5N8 bird flu virus. The authorities were compelled to order the mass slaughter of birds, said a statement issued by the Cloppenburg local government. Bird Flu in India: All You Need To Know About H5N1 and H5N8, the Avian Flu That Has Killed Many Birds in Several States.

The region where the latest bird flu cases have emerged in Cloppenburg is also considered as the hub of poultry production in Germany. The area accounts for the bulk of intra-country supply of eggs, ducks, chicken and other poultry products.

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In the past month, Germany was forced to issue a similar order to cull around 29,000 poultry birds. Other European nations including mass producers of poultry products - Britain and France - have also been hit by the virus. Wild birds migrating in the cold season are considered to the source of transmission.

The European countries where the bird flu virus has so far been detected include Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Croatia and Ukraine. Countries in Asia, including parts of India have also been hit by the bird flu scare.