Bird flu: Mathura varsity issues advisory, stressed on biosecurity

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Mathura, Jan 10 (PTI) Biosecurity may help prevent the spread of bird flu in poultry farms, said a Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Veterinary University official while issuing an advisory here on Sunday.

“Biosecurity of newly purchased birds virtually acts as preventive medicine for poultry farms since vital source of virus for poultry is other infected birds,” university Dean Pankaj Kumar Shukla told reporters prior to the release of the advisory for farmers and poultry farm owners.

Biosecurity refers to measures aimed at preventing the spread of harmful viruses to animals and birds.

He said since the infection spreads through used food, urine, reuse of pots of infected birds, clothes and shoes of employees, avoiding such things may prove productive.

Shukla said in chickens, the symptoms include coughing, sneezing and abnormal respiratory sounds.

Birds may show nervous system disorders such as the inability to stand, twisting of the neck, abnormal positions of head and legs, huddling, ruffled feathers, decreased activity and at times diarrhea, he said.

Shukla advised bird keepers to consult veterinary doctors or poultry consultants immediately after the symptoms are detected since there is no set treatment for the disease.

To prevent infection, keep wild birds away since they are a reservoir of influenza viruses, he said stating the advisory.

According to him, contaminated poultry manure, contact with recovered birds, inadequate cleaning and disinfection of farm house, improper hygiene and no restriction on entry of human beings and animal are the other sources of infection.

He said active chlorine solution can be used for the cleaning of equipment and calcium hydroxide solution may be utilised for the treatment of walls. Rectified spirit or sanitisers should be used for cleaning of hands and feet of poultry farm workers, he added. Extremes of heat and dryness can inactivate relatively unstable viruses, he stressed.

The dean said special arrangements have been made to prevent infection in the poultry farm of the university.

The focus is on cleanliness of area, employees and habitat of the birds with a ban on outsiders and regular use of foot bath, he added. PTI CORR RDK RDK