These Bikers Were Stopped By Cops For... Driving With Lights On

The cops snatched away the keys of the bikers and cornered them in a group. 

Only in India can being safe on the roads end up causing motorists problems with the police. Bike riding can be a dangerous business on crowded roads in the country, which is why everyone is advised to wear a helmet, including the pillion rider.

And when it comes to riding powerful bikes (more than 300-cc), protective gear along with elbow and knee guards go a long way towards keeping you mishap-free. However, these cops in Tamil Nadu have a different image of people riding on super bikes, wearing jacket and gloves. Must be the Dhoom-effect, which brings us to the thrust of the story.

As you can see below, a group of bike riders were going on their way, obeying traffic rules, and aware of their safety. Heck, they even stopped waited for the traffic signal to turn green.

But that didn’t really matter to these cops, who stopped these bikes in their tracks for jumping the signal. But they couldn’t prove the infraction, so the head cop went on to complain about them wearing protective gear (yes, really!) and keeping their headlights on.

The bikes in this video are KTM Duke 390, Duke 200 and possibly the Ninja 250.

Okay, first of all, the cops stopping these bikes aren’t allowed to do that. They should have left it to the traffic police (who’s duty it is to track offenders).

Secondly, the bikes in question are fitted with standard safety measure called automatic headlamps on or AHO, which means you do not have an Off switch anymore. So, how on earth a safety measure became a bookable offence is something beyond comprehension.

Time for cops to wise up about standard safety regulations before accosting citizens?