Bihar witnesses high demand of kites with picture of PM Modi

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PM Modi printed kites
PM Modi printed kites

Patna (Bihar) [India], January 14 (ANI): As the country started celebrating festivals of Lohri and Makar Sankranti on Thursday, Bihar has taken this festive season to another level of attraction where kites with pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi are on sale across markets.

"I am running the kite business, it is my family business. Earlier there was no kite business in Bihar. So workers from Kolkata were called here and people over here got trained in making paper kites. About 100 families got means of survival from this business," said Rajeev Ranjan, a shop owner.

He further said during the lockdown the kite business brought some profits as people flew kites as a means of recreation.

He also added, "The current demand of people in Bihar is kites with pictures of PM Modi printed on kites. We did not expect this idea to work but people embraced it whole heartedly. These kites are now out of stock." (ANI)