Bihar Shelter Home Rapes: As Brajesh Thakur Rests in Jail Hospital, CBI Demands Medical Report

Muzaffarpur jail superintendent Neeraj Jha told News18 that he received orders to shift Thakur around 11.30pm on Wednesday and after making security arrangements he was sent to Bhagalpur via road around midnight.

Patna: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is probing the Muzaffarpur shelter home sex scandal case, has sought the medical report of main accused Brajesh Thakur, who is currently resting in a rather comfortable hospital ward of Khudi Ram Bose central jail.

Thakur had spent only five days in the ward allotted for him ever since he was arrested on June 3. He had complained of severe back pain only three days after being sent behind the bars but visuals of him smiling while being produced before a magistrate just after the arrest had led to severe criticism of the authorities.

Thakur was admitted in Shri Krishna Medical College and Hospital (SKMCH), where he has continued to meet freely with his supporters for 17 days until newly appointed jail superintendent Rajeev Jha sought a report from the hospital administration.

Only a day after the report was sought, Thakur was shifted back to the jail with a prescription of advice which helped him get a place in the medical ward as continuous monitoring of his health parameters was recommended.

News18 contacted SKMCH superintendent Sunil Shahi, who said Thakur was brought in the hospital with a “lot of complications”.

“After examination we found his blood sugar was uncontrollable, ECG abnormal, creatinine level very high, liver enlarged and difficulty in physical movement as he complained about back pain for which we advised MRI scan," he said.

When asked how functioning of all vital organs deteriorated so quickly, he said, "It’s not in our hand. If a patient says something, the doctors are bound to listen. We had formed a team of three doctors who monitored him".

After getting admitted in the medical ward, the Jail superintendent wrote a letter to civil surgeon for forming another medical board to look into Thakur's health which examined him on Tuesday. However there was no statement by the board regarding its findings.