Bihar shame: Man walks 2 km with daughter's body who died at AIIMS due to lack of treatment

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Bihar shame: Man walks 2 km with daughter's body who died at AIIMS due to lack of treatment

While the poor man kept running from counter to counter for getting the registration done at AIIMS, his daughter's condition deteriorated and she died.

A man in Bihar walked nearly 2 kilometres with his daughter's body wrapped in a cloth after she died at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) due to lack of treatment.

This incident has once again shamed humanity and brought back the memories of Dana Manjhi, a man in Odisha who was forced to walk 10 kilometre carrying his wife's body on his shoulder as he was not provided any transport from the government hospital to his village in Kalahandi district last year.

Ram Balak, a native of Jamui district, and his wife Sanju reached Patna on Tuesday along with their 10-year-old ailing daughter Roshan for her treatment at AIIMS. The couple's daughter was suffering from severe stomach ache for last several days.

Ram Balak, who works as a daily wager, was asked by the hospital staff to stand in a queue and get the registration done "after which the doctor would attend to her".

He was not familiar with the formalities to be fulfilled at the hospital and ran from one counter to another for help, which never came. None of the doctors present or any other hospital staff came to his assistance.

Upon queuing up at the registration desk, he was told that the OPD timings were over and he should come the next day.

In the meanwhile, Roshan's condition deteriorated and she breathed her last at the hospital. The child's poor father could not even afford to pay the ambulance charges to take the body. He then carried his daughter's body on his shoulder and walked with his wife to Phulwari Sharif, tempo stand, which is a 2 kilometre stretch.

"I was asked to stand in the queue to get the registration done before my daughter could be treated. In the meanwhile, my daughter died. I had no option but to carry her body on my shoulder," said Ram Balak.

When India Today contacted the director of AIIMS, Prabhat Kumar Singh, he refused to speak on the incident.