Bihar Man Builds Mahindra Scorpio-style Water Tank on Terrace to Show His Love for First Car

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As the first phase of Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 are underway, a bizarre craze of Scorpio automobiles in Bihar has attracted eyeballs. Love for the Mahindra manufactured product is such that a fan has designed a Scorpio on the terrace of his house.

Intasar Alam, who is a resident of Bhagalpur in Bihar, had purchased a Mahindra Scorpio as his first car and what other way to show you love than to flaunt it at the crown of your house? Now a model of his first Scorpio stands tall on the terrace of his four-storeyed house.

According to local reports, the car model not only resembles the actual vehicle to the toe but also carries the exact same number plate as that of Intasar’s SUV.

The model is not futile but actually the water tank in disguise which is tasked with connecting the entire household with water. And the entire plan came about when Intasar’s wife was on a trip to Agra, Uttar Pradesh. There, she saw such a model water tank and was immediately enamoured.

When she came back to detail on the design to her husband, Intasar did not need much convincing. Speaking to regional portals, the Bihar resident said that he brought over workers from Agra to create his masterpiece. Intasar revealed that the entire project took about the investment of Rs 2.5 lakh and the masons were paid Rs 1200 as daily wage.

Intasar’s love for Scorpio is not solitary at all. The craze for the sports utility vehicle has been seen across the state. The popular notion is that the erratic and tough terrain in the region is making people opt for the strong and sturdy vehicle. Many political leaders have been seen riding on Scorpios on their campaigning trips. The car has proved to be the defining feature of the Bihar assembly polls.

The reports suggest that the popularity for Mahindra Scorpio in Bhagalpur district alone is such that the dealer has failed to meet their demand.