Bihar: JDU chief in Bhojpur shot dead in Badhara police station district

Contrary to the argument of good governance by Bihar's Nitish Kumar, the criminals in Bihar are looking bright. Even the leader of the ruling party is not safe from offenders, as the common people here claim. The latest case is from the district of Bhojpur. The miscreants shot dead the JDU leader while sleeping on Wednesday night in the Badhara police station district. The motives for this murder are not yet understood. Dharampal Ram alias Bhootnath Ram, a resident of Lohar Shripal village, was sleeping in his house on Wednesday night, according to police. He was shot by armed miscreants and killed on the spot. So far, the motives for the murder have not been disclosed. The police are investigating the case at the moment. People are demanding that the culprits be punished and that the families of the deceased be adequately compensated. By reaching the jam site, senior officials try to persuade the individuals.