JD(U) leader’s daughter creates flutter by launching party, declares self as Bihar CM candidate

Santosh Singh
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Pushpam Priya Choudhary is the President of Plurals (her party) (Source: Twitter/Pushpam Priya Choudhary)

The London-educated daughter of a Janata Dal-United leader in Darbhanga has amused people in Bihar political circles after she declared herself as a chief ministerial candidate in the upcoming Bihar Assembly polls 2020.

Pushpam Priya Choudhary announced her candidature through a full-page advertisement in newspapers which appeared in several Hindi and English newspapers in Bihar on Sunday. The advertisement mentioned her as the president of Plurals (her party), and carried slogans like "Plurals has arrived", "Bihar deserves better, and better is possible"

Pushpam's father Vinod Choudhary is a former JD(U) MLC, whose family is said to be very close to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar since his Samata Party days.

Pushpam, who had not earlier given any hint of joining politics, has surprised all including her father by launching herself as a CM candidate. "Everyone has the freedom to dream. My daughter is a highly educated person. She has all my blessings," Vinod Chaudhary said. Pushpam has a post-graduate degree in public administration from a UK university as well as an MBA from Pune.


Pushpam tweeted: "As Lasswell said, politics is who gets what, when and how. Following this, Bihar needs a blueprint and Plurals has a concrete roadmap for 2025 and 2030. Stay tuned for updates". In another tweet, she said: "Bihar needs pace, Bihar needs wings, Bihar needs change. Because Bihar deserves better and better is possible. Reject bullshit politics, join Plurals to make Bihar run and fly in 2020".

Several JD(U) leaders had no clue about Pushpam's identity initially. A JD(U) leader said: "These are some interesting elements of politics. So many people are throwing their hats in the ring, the girl is just one of them".

JD(U) sources said the party would take up the matter with Vinod Choudhary.