Bihar: Inspector bribed to leave bike at police station, SP arrested and held in custody

In Samastipur, Bihar, Khaki has been shamed once more. The police department, which has been in the news recently owing to a string of criminal acts, is now under scrutiny owing to bribery. The case is being handled by the Rosda police station in Samastipur's Rosda sub-division. Superintendent of Police Manavjit Singh Dhillon personally intervened, arresting Sub Inspector (SI) Shrinarayan Singh and placing him in custody. On Tuesday night, at 10 p.m., the Superintendent of Police of Samastipur arrived at the police station. According to the information, a demand of Rs. 25000 was made to release the bike seized by Sub Inspector Shrinarayan Singh, however the deal was resolved for Rs. 10,000 after much deliberation. The guy with whom SI Srinarayan Singh had bargained alerted Samastipur Superintendent of Police Manavjit Singh Dhillon about the whole matter through social worker Ravindra Narayan Singh alias Chintu Singh.

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