Bihar Groom Arrested for Celebratory Gun Firing During Wedding After Video Goes Viral

Team Latestly
Bihar police filed a case against the couple after the video of the incident went viral. The incident happened in Dayalganj village of Rohtas district in Bihar.

Bihar police arrested a groom on Saturday, a day after his wedding for firing a gun during the marriage celebration. While it's generally elders in the family who fire guns, in a marriage held in Bihar, the groom fired bullets into the air. His celebration did not end there as he handed over the gun to the bride, who also took the turn to fire the gun. Soon, the video of the incident which was captured by guests at the wedding went viral on social media. As the video was widely shared, Bihar police filed a case against the couple. The incident happened in Dayalganj village of Rohtas district in Bihar.

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After receiving instruction from Rohtas police, local SP Satyaveer Singh formed a special team to probe the case. The team thus reached Bhojpur district's Tarari town and along with the local police arrested the newly married man and seized his gun. The video that is being shared, shows the couple exchanging flower garlands and then firing a gun as rituals continue on the stage. Uttar Pradesh: Gun Firing For 'Fun' Leaves Groom Shot Dead at Wedding in Lakhimpur, Watch Horrific Video.

Here is the video:

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Celebratory gun firings during festivals and weddings are quite common in parts of North India. Although law enforcers have often issued advisories against it, people continue to fire guns in the parties as a part of the celebrations. There have been multiple incidents in the past when relatives of the brides and bridegrooms or the newly married couple themselves have died during celebratory gun firing. However, people continue to shower bullets in the air for nothing.