Bihar election: Onions thrown at Nitish Kumar at Madhubani rally

Siddhant Pandey
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Bihar election: Onions thrown at Nitish Kumar at Madhubani rally
Bihar election: Onions thrown at Nitish Kumar at Madhubani rally

03 Nov 2020: Bihar election: Onions thrown at Nitish Kumar at Madhubani rally

Onions were thrown at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at a rally in Madhubani on Tuesday.

Kumar was campaigning in Madhubani's Harlakhi area ahead of the third phase of polling for the state elections.

Kumar's security personnel then formed a shield in front of him as the CM continued his speech.

On Tuesday, 94 constituencies in Bihar voted for the second phase of polling.

Details: Kumar was speaking on employment when onions were thrown

Kumar was speaking about providing jobs to people from backward castes and tribes when someone threw onions at him.

However, the onions did not hit the CM.

The CM's security personnel then shielded the CM as he said, "Khoob phenko! (Keep throwing)."

When the person throwing the onions was caught, Kumar said, "Let him go. Don't pay any attention to him."

Fact: You can view a clip here

Fact: Person throwing onions protested against illegal alcohol trade: Report

According to India Today, the person who threw the onions kept screaming that alcohol is freely being sold in the state despite being prohibited. The attacker reportedly claimed that the Nitish Kumar government has failed to stop the illegal trade of alcohol.

Rally: Everyone will get jobs if JD(U) returns to power: Kumar

Kumar continued with his speech, saying that if the party comes back to power, the government will ensure that everyone gets a job and no one has to migrate in the search for better working opportunities.

Without naming the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), Kumar questioned those promising 10 lakh jobs, asking what did their governments do when they were in power for 15 years.

Fact: JD(U) government provided six lakh jobs: Kumar

Kumar said that the RJD government provided 95,000 jobs during their administration, while his Janata Dal (United) government provided six lakh government jobs during its regime. If re-elected, he said his government will provide jobs, along with other employment opportunities.

Elections: Bihar elections underway; results out on November 10

The three-phase Bihar elections are currently underway with 94 constituencies across 17 districts voting on Tuesday.

There are as many as 1,500 candidates contesting, with 2.85 crore eligible voters in phase two.

The first phase was held on October 28 across 71 constituencies, while the third phase will be held across 78 constituencies on November 7. The results will be declared on November 10.