Bihar: Decision about CM left to NDA, says Nitish Kumar

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Bihar: Decision about CM left to NDA, says Nitish Kumar
Bihar: Decision about CM left to NDA, says Nitish Kumar

13 Nov 2020: Bihar: Decision about CM left to NDA, says Nitish Kumar

JD(U) chief Nitish Kumar, who suffered a major blow in the recently-conducted Bihar Assembly elections, declared he hasn't claimed the CM post and the decision will be taken by National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

All four constituents of NDA will meet on Friday, he said, amid speculations that he will be sworn-in on November 16.

BJP had earlier promised Kumar the CM's chair.

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Background: Context: With BJP in driver's seat, NDA won Bihar

The NDA narrowly won the Bihar Assembly elections, by getting 125 seats, three more than the majority mark of 122. BJP won 74 seats and JD(U) settled for merely 43.

HAM and VIP, the other members of NDA, got four seats each.

Though the mahagathbandhan fell way short of a majority, RJD became the single-largest party by winning all 75 seats it contested.

Dependence: After worst performance since 2005, Kumar "unwilling" to remain CM

With BJP emerging as a bigger partner for the first time in years, Kumar became dependent on it to fulfill his wish of a fourth consecutive term at the CM's office.

After JD(U)'s worst show since 2005, reports claimed Kumar is unwilling to remain at the helm.

The same emotion was reflected in his latest statement, wherein he said NDA will call the shots.

Fact: Have made no claim: Kumar

"I have made no claim on the CM chair, the decision will be taken by NDA. It has not been decided yet when the oath-taking ceremony will be held, whether after Diwali or Chhath. We are analyzing the results of this election," he told ANI.

Emotions: Kumar was "disturbed" as Chirag Paswan spelled doom for JD(U)

As per IE, Kumar is also upset with Chirag Paswan, whose rebellion against NDA cost JD(U). Despite winning just one seat, LJP inflicted considerable damage to JD(U).

"He was deeply disturbed and very upset that Chirag had spoiled JD(U)'s chances in at least 25-30 seats," a senior BJP leader told IE, adding that the saffron party has persuaded Kumar to remain the CM.

Chirag Paswan: BJP will decide whether Paswan should remain in NDA: Kumar

Questioned about the future of Paswan's party in NDA, Kumar said, "It's for BJP to decide whether or not LJP should be retained in NDA."

Notably, JD(U) leaders think BJP wasn't stern toward Paswan, which allowed him to run his campaign of "Nitish-mukt Bihar."

A JD(U) leader also blamed the lack of coordination between their workers and BJP's for the poor results.

Statement: Despite chatter, BJP is certain Kumar will become the CM

Notably, BJP is not shifting from its pre-poll position of putting Kumar on the CM's seat.

Bhupendra Yadav, a key campaign strategist, announced, "Once we have made a commitment, we will stand by it. Nitish Kumar is NDA's Chief Minister in Bihar and we will back him all along."

He also said there's no resentment regarding power-sharing and Bihar's development is NDA's prime goal.

Taunt: Separately, RJD said Kumar "dreaming of CM-post" after 40 seats

While the allies are talking it out, Kumar came at the receiving end of taunts from the RJD.

Manoj Jha on Thursday said, "You (Nitish Kumar) dream of becoming CM after getting 40 seats. If you analyze the mandate, it's decisively against you. If you still get the post, only God knows how long will this illusion last."