Bigly Yuge: Donald Trump nominated for 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine

Avirook Sen
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A group of prominent American medical professionals has nominated President Donald Trump for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, highly placed sources in the social network inform this correspondent.

The nomination is not for Trump's recent experiments with disinfectants and light to defeat the COVID-19, it is, instead, for his seminal work on SV74 or Shame Vaccine. This is a project he undertook shortly after his birth 74 years ago.

The decision to hit send on the nomination came during the final presidential debate, at about the time when Trump began to believe he was Abraham Lincoln. Sources said: "No further validation was required."

"The vaccine is self-administered, and the president is living proof of its efficacy", said a psycho/analyst. Adding: "Too many people have suffered shame for too long. The vaccine will end their agony. The social cost to those opting in €" such as being ridiculed/humiliated €" is, by definition, negligible."

The nomination comes just weeks after a Norwegian lawmaker proposed Trump's name for the covfefed Peace Prize, but it may not be the last category in which Trump receives a nomination.

There is talk that the (as yet) unpublished romantic letters between Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea are being actively considered for the Literature award. And the scientific community believes that it is about time that genuinely big ideas, such as the nuking of hurricanes, proposed by the president be rewarded with a physics Nobel, if only to inspire scientists to work on solutions that teach nature the occasional lesson.

This is a work of satire

The writer is a journalist and author of Aarushi, an account of the murder investigation and ensuing trial

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