#BiggBoss12: Sreesanth reveals his fees for Salman Khan's show

Ranpreet Kaur

#BiggBoss12: Sreesanth reveals his fees for Salman Khan

21 Oct 2018: #BiggBoss12: Sreesanth reveals his fees for Salman Khan's show

The high voltage drama on 'Bigg Boss 12' seems to be never-ending, and Sreesanth, owing to his short temper, often heats up things in the house.

Naturally, his ill-temper gives other contestants an upper hand over him.

But this time, it has got him into serious trouble as he has violated a BB rule by revealing his fees for the show.

Surbhi-Sree fight: Surbhi gets on Sreesanth's nerves in 'kaal-kothari'

We all know how Surbhi Rana leaves no stone unturned to get on Sreesanth's nerves.

Interestingly, the two were recently sent to the 'kaal-kothari' with Dipika Kakar.

This gave another chance to Surbhi to irk the short-tempered cricketer and she was quite 'successful'.

In fact, Sree was so annoyed with Surbhi's rant that he threatened to leave the house once again.

Sreesanth's fees: "I am getting paid Rs. 2.5 crore," says Sreesanth

Sree-Surbhi's banter has been, undoubtedly, quite entertaining for the audience.

But, during their recent argument in 'kaal-kothari', Sree ended up revealing his fees for the show.

He said, "I am getting paid Rs. 2.5 crore for this".

This is not all. He also stated Surbhi, who entered the show as a commoner, is not being paid anything for the show.

BB rules: Sreesanth violates a major 'Bigg Boss 12' rule

Notably, with his shocking revelation, Sreesanth has violated a major rule of 'Bigg Boss 12'.

The BB contestants are not supposed to disclose their fees for the show.

Interestingly, this isn't the first time when he has violated the rule. Earlier, Sree was slammed for removing his mic post a fight with Saba-Somi on the third day of the show.

Salman's reaction: Even Salman is miffed with Sreesanth's behavior

Sree's statement has not just left everyone shocked but it has also miffed host Salman Khan.

Salman, who often slams Sree for his short-temper, was quite upset with the cricketer's behavior.

"I am shocked ki aise kaise koi bol sakta hai," Salman said in the promo.

He even said that it is high time for Sree to watch his words.

Fact: Watch: Here's the footage