The Bigg Boss house has made mine and Abhinav's relationship stronger, says season 14 winner Rubina Dilaik

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After 143 days of being away from civilisation and making the right moves in the Bigg Boss 14 house, Rubina Dilaik was crowned the winner. Among the other finalists, Rahul Vaidya, Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli, and Rakhi Sawant, Dilaik was constantly on the top with the highest percentage of votes in her favour, resulting in her being the only contestant who has never once faced an eviction.

Dilaik claims to have never paid too much heed to what happened within the show, but says the moment she accepted her failures, she gained more confidence in her survival skills. "Honestly, the first few weeks I was clueless. I came with an empty slate but I was determined to learn few things that what the show is all about. And once I started embracing my failures, once I started understanding that there is no shame accepting your failures and your flaws I started gaining confidence in myself. I started shaking off that fear of rejection and then I knew that I can survive here. It did not happen at any particular moment but it was the journey in itself. I started believing that life is beautiful even if you are broken. That was the turning point of my journey in Bigg Boss house." "In fact", she furthers, "At the beginning of the show I felt living in Bigg Boss house was not my cup of tea."

Dilaik has always been transparent, never hesitant to be vulnerable on national TV. She made several shocking confessions on the show, including her divorce with Abhinav Shukla, also her co-contestant. She also spoke about her suicidal tendencies on the show and requested access to a psychiatrist during her stay. Looking back, does Dilaik regret talking about her personal life on national television? She believes otherwise, "I took the decision of talking about our divorce at the spur of the moment. And no, I don't regret talking about my personal life because I think the beauty of embracing your vulnerability and failures makes you even stronger. When you are absolutely honest and transparent about the way you live your life then it becomes easier for you to embrace each and every flaw."

Dilaik believes the challenges she and Shukla faced together only made their relationship stronger. "In the outside world, you have choices and you can escape, but when you are locked up in a house, you have no choice. You can either fight or take a flight. We chose to face the challenge head on and win it for ourselves and that in turn made us, our relationship and our bond stronger." Dilaik explains.

While in the show, she remained strong-headed and opinionated, often finding herself in the middle of heated arguments with fellow contestants. On numerous occasions the actress has sparred with former friend Jasmin Bhasin, staunch rival Rahul Vaidya, and even Rakhi Sawant. "I am someone who forgives but it will take a little while to forget. But I never take any baggage along with me, so I think I entered the house with a clean slate and I stepped out of mukhya dwaar (main entry) with a clean slate. I would take my good relationships further and I will leave behind bad memories of not so great relationships. I want to move ahead in life. With time all the relationships will again reconnect, or disconnect and that I leave it to time," Dilaik says, adding, "I have always made efforts to connect with Jasmin. As of now I would want to give her time to maybe shed off the weight that I believe she's carrying from the Bigg Boss house. Once she sheds off the baggage she will be more embracing and acceptable. Relationships are a two way journey. If I am only giving and not receiving then all my efforts would be futile."

Dilaik became the centre of scrutiny on many Weekend Ka Vaar episodes and at odds with host Salman Khan. Her fans believe she and Shukla were constantly a soft target, in turn acquiring sympathy and support from many. "We would always fear that we would be scolded by the host but we were unfiltered. When you don't put too many filters then you don't come to know for what you will be praised and for what you will be yelled at. We were very spontaneous and honest with whatever reactions we gave due to which we knew that yes, we have made mistakes. So we were open and in a receiving mode that if we are scolded we would take it as a feedback and improve ourselves. We took those scoldings with a pinch of salt feeling that it would help us better our game," says Dilaik.

When asked if Sawant's 'antics' came as a surprise when the latter was seen flirting with Shukla, Dilaik says, "No, no, Rakhi's antics didn't surprise me. That was her journey and whatever she did is well justified for her, I am no one to judge her," laughs Dilaik. "I have always been of the opinion that with utmost honesty I am going to live my journey. I want to leave a chhaap (mark) in everybody's heart and winning the trophy is like kismat ka khel (game of destiny). When your destiny meets your dream that is the most beautiful dream come true," she says.

While the feeling of victory is yet to sink in, Dilaik says, she is proud of discovering herself in this "incredible" journey. "I did not know that I can embrace rejections so gracefully and that was the best thing I discovered about myself. But all that matters to me is that through my journey if I am able to inspire even a few that would be my dream come true. Every failure is a stepping stone and you should not be ashamed of your flaws."

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