'Bigg Boss' Couple Puneesh-Bandgi Have Planned Something Exotic For Their 1st Valentine's Day

Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra are no doubt one of the most talked about and famous contestants from Bigg Boss season 11. Every season we get at least one couple from the show. This time it was none other than commoners Puneesh and Bandgi. Initially, people thought it to be their strategy to survive in the game, soon things got clear. They are truly and madly in love with each other.

They were inseparable inside the house and are devoted to each other outside too. They are spending a lot of time together these days. And now, when they are in love and seeing each other, celebrations this Valentines are mandatory, no? And they have planned the best for their first Valentine's Day just like any other couple.

The couple has decided to go to Bali this Valentines. Yes, that’s right! And do you know what, Bandagi’s birthday is also on the same day and the couple will be enjoying in Bali. Here’s what Bandgi told a leading portal about the same, “It’s Bali, as I have always wanted to go there. We will be flying out in February around my birthday and Valentine’s Day.”

These lovelies’ relationship is going strong and they are happy with each other. In fact, their love has been approved by their families too. In an interview earlier with SpotboyE, Bandgi shared, “Yes, they have accepted our love. In fact, I am in touch with his mom. She was elated at the news of my return to the house for a task as she was concerned about Puneesh’s well-being.” (You may like: Hiten Tejwani Comments On Hina Khan's Shocking Statements Of Him Marrying Gauri Pradhan)

For the ones who don’t know, due to Bandgi’s increasing closeness with Puneesh, her boyfriend outside the house named, Dennis Nagpal broke up with her. Rumours were also rife that the two were already engaged and he called off their engagement. While talking to the Times of India, he poured his heart out and said, "I was shocked by Bandagi's act when I realized what she was doing. Initially, I had an idea of how the two probably were faking their relationship to stay in the game, but after following the show intensively and seeing their talks, I am sure they aren't faking anymore. Vikas Gupta, too, had tried putting sense into Bandagi's mind. He was conscious of her image, I could see that but she just didn't want to listen. It clearly shows that she has fallen for Puneesh."

On probing further, he even went on to say, "I know what is the reality. I could see Puneesh manipulating Bandagi initially. If you are faking a relationship for the game, then you definitely won't do things after they go off to bed. But these two were seen talking and exchanging love notes after everybody went off to sleep. What do you want me to do about it now?! If I am seeing a girl whom I know is in a relationship outside, I won't fall for her in a week." (Also you may like: Hiten Tejwani Reveals Why His 1st Marriage Failed And Resulted In Divorce)

This is surely going to be the most romantic getaway for the lovebirds. We are looking forward to their pictures!

Images Courtesy: Instagram

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