Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherjee Get Cosy

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Bigg Boss 7: Armaan Kohli & Tanisha Mukherjee Get Cosy

Tanisha and Armaan seem to be falling in love in the Bigg Boss 7 house

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The saying ‘Love is Blind’ is so true; in fact the recent affair brewing inside the Bigg Boss 7 house is proof of that.  Tanisha Mukherjee seems to have the hots for another failed star kid post Uday Chopra, namely the hot-headed Armaan Kohli. Constantly giving him massages and cosseting him, the actress (read: out of work sibling of Kajol) fusses over Armaan for every little thing.

Once Tanisha humourously called him Buddha, but the 45-year-old Armaan was deeply angered and didn't take it too well. So she immediately apologised to him and kept on saying sorry, till he forgave her.  

And that's not all. Tanisha loves touching the ever-sulking Armaan and keeps on cheering him up. And of course, he enjoys the attention.  Their love story has set tongues wagging all around and Salman has even warned the couple about the cameras inside the house watching them all the time.


Will the love story continue or will it be nipped in the bud? Only time will tell.

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