Bigg Boss 14: Salman Schools Rahul Vaidya For His Nepotism Comment

Abira Dhar
·1-min read

The nepotism brouhaha has long left Kangana Ranaut and has now entered the Bigg Boss house. This time round it was Bigg Boss 14 participant Rahul Vaidya who used the term as an accusation during the nominations in the reality show. Vaidya nominated Jaan Kumar Sanu for eviction and his reason was - nepotism. He said that Jaan is in the show only because he is Kumar Sanu's son. Vaidya’s comment was highly criticised by the other participants in the house and as the weekend came closer everyone knew what to expect.

Salman Khan, the host of Bigg Boss, who himself is the son of writer Salim Khan, was irked by Vaidya’s comment. Khan took up the exchange and schooled Rahul for making the nepotism comment as seen in the promo for the Bigg Boss weekend episode on Twitter.

It started with Salman asking Jaan if his father had ever recommended him for a job, and the singer said, “No sir, dad has never recommended me.”

Then Salman tells Rahul, “If my father does something for me, is that nepotism? Pressuring someone to hire your children, is that possible in this industry? I want to know.”

Meanwhile, in the previous episode, Rahul was seen apologising to Jaan for his statement. He even clarified that he was unaware of the fact that Jaan's parents were separated. Jaan accepted Rahul's apology, saying that he doesn't hold any grudges.

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