Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia Accuses Rahul Vaidya of Misogyny, Threatens to Destroy Him

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It’s not a happening week in Bigg Boss 14 without a major war of words. Drama, fights, accusations and loud arguments fuel the show and increase the ‘masala’ factor so loved by the fans. In the Bigg Boss 14 house, this department is being led by actress Pavitra Punia.

Her verbal brawl with contestant Eijaz Khan had barely ended when she found a new enemy. A promotional video shared on Instagram features a high-octane verbal fight between Punia and her housemate, singer Rahul Vaidya. Based on the video, the fight arose because of a comment Rahul made about her. She accuses the singer by saying, “Rahul, aapne kaise yeh baat bol di ke I have a crush on Abhinav? (how could you say that I have a crush on Abhinav).”

Abhinav Shukla is married to Rubina Dilaik who is also a housemate in BB14. The couple have been married for two years. To this, Rahul simply said he had a right to say whatever he wanted to. Punia takes it one step further and accuses the singer of misogyny. “Tumhare jaise mard hote hain jo auraton pe lanchhan lagaate hain (men like you defame a woman’s character).” Soon the argument becomes violent with Punia shouting in rage. She promises Rahul to destroy him.

The singer remains rather calm during the situation and asks her to go and threaten someone else.

As Punia starts crying, several contestants, including Abhinav’s wife Rubina, come in to console her. Rahul is alone in the kitchen as he says he is being ganged-up against, directly to the camera.

Another contestant asks him to apologise and end the fight. He maintains what he said is true, as Punia herself confessed that she had a crush on Abhinav. Since he didn’t lie, he had no reason to apologise, he said.

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Several commenters pointed out that they side with Rahul in this case as the previous telecast hinted on Punia saying the same thing. “In this case I stand wid Rahul Vaidya because pavitra said that i have crush on abhinav in last weekend episode and also in front of salman khan,” commented a fan.

Others pointed how she was blowing it out of proportion as ‘crush’ isn’t a demeaning word. “When did crush become bad Word for character? Mostly every girl will have crush on srk or ranveer singh and many married men,” said another.