Bigg Boss 13 wild card contestant Madhurima Tuli: Would like to befriend Rashami Desai

Sana Farzeen
Madhurima Tuli will enter Bigg Boss 13 on Monday.

Bigg Boss 13 was recently given an extension by the makers. And to add more drama to the season, Madhurima Tuli is all set to enter the house as a wild card contestant. Joining her would be ex-contestants Shefali Bagga and Arhaan Khan. Madhurima, as readers would already know, is Vishal Aditya Singh's ex-girlfriend. The duo had recently participated in Nach Baliye 9 and their volatile relationship became the talk of the town.

Now that Vishal is already locked inside the house, Madhurima's presence is bound to create ripples. Before entering the show, the Chandrakanta actor, in an exclusive chat with, shared, "Bigg Boss 13 is such a hit show and even as an audience, I really find it entertaining. Now that the show has got an extension, I felt it was the right time to enter. There are some really good people in the house and it would be fun to compete with them. I did want to do the show from the start but I was already committed to Nach Baliye 9 then. I am happy to get this chance now as I already have a fan base and they would really enjoy my presence on this show."

By choice or not, Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh's relationship will always be discussed in the Bigg Boss house. While the two were a team in Nach Baliye, we asked the actor what would be their equation now that they will be competing with each other. With a broad smile, she said, "Well, we were competing with each other back then also."

She added, "Honestly, I am not thinking about all that at the moment. I have made peace with whatever happened between us. Now that we have not even spoken to each other for so long, I hope he is also at peace. But our equation will all depend on how well he takes my entry."

Given that the former lovers would be locked inside the house, we asked Madhurima Tuli if there's a chance that they could come out as friends. "As I told you, I have no idea. I do want things to sort out between us so that we can play together cordially. We have been in a relationship but it ended on a very dirty note. So I don't think we will ever be a team. Only time will say if we do manage to better things between us."

The Baby actor revealed that she knows Rashami Desai and would thus like to befriend her when she enters the show. "While it's not exactly a strategy but I only know her among others and so would like to bond with her. Otherwise, I haven't planned anything else for my survival. But I want to come across as a confident person who can voice her opinions on anything."

In the recent past, we have seen housemates indulging in a lot of aggression, so much that most tasks get cancelled. Giving her two cents on the same, Madhurima said, "Every time you compete, aggression and passion are bound to creep in. But it's really important to be cautious when you are in a personal conversation or fight. One has to draw a line there."

Madhurima Tuli further shared that she would be an extrovert with a strong point of view in the show. And lastly, when we asked if she received any advice from friends or family, Madhurima said, "I haven't managed to speak to many of them. But everyone told me to be confident, strong and just hit it."

Madhurima Tuli's quick take

Who is your favourite contestant?

Rashami Desai, Sidharth Shukla, Asim Riaz, Hindustani Bhau and Himanshi Khurana.

Who is playing a dirty game?

Paras Chhabra.

Who do you think you will bond well with?

I don't know, maybe Rashami.

Who would you like to keep a distance from?

Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma.

Sidharth or Asim - whose team you will join?

I like both of them. But what's more important is who will keep me in their team.

Do you think a wild card can win the season?

Definitely. This season is a historical one as it has been extended. So I feel the chance of a wild card taking home the trophy is definitely high.

The top five for you?

Sidharth, Rashami, Asim, Madhurima and Vishal.