Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaaz Gill Reveals Her Folks Forced Her To Get Married Once And What Happened After That

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Punjabi actress Shehnaaz Gill is one of the contestants on Bigg Boss 13, and she has managed to impress a lot of people, thanks to an entertaining stint she is having on the high voltage reality show. It has not been hunky-dory, we have to admit. There have been times when she has managed to irritate the viewers and even host Salman Khan. However, viewers till love her for her funny antics on the show. Shehnaaz was quite popular in the Punjabi entertainment industry before she set foot inside the Bigg Boss house, but today she is known by a huge set of people. Obviously, this fame has not come to her the easy way.

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Recently, during a conversation with Rashami Desai and Asim Riaz on Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz revealed that she moved out of her parents' home because they were not really supportive of her dreams of becoming an actor. Asim asked Shehnaaz if her folks ever told her to get married and she said that they kept telling her, but she stood on her ground. Bigg Boss 13: Sidharth Shukla Compares His Equation With Shehnaaz Gill to That of Smoking Cigarettes

Shehnaaz said, "Bahut baar hua hai. Main apne stand pe khadi rahi hu. Maine nahi karwani. Jab main industry mein aayi hoon, kitne der mere papa jaate the shoot pe. Uske baad main aisa cut off kiya gharwalon ke saath kyuki main waha pe reh ke mujhe bahut problems aa rahi thi. Daily shoot pe jaana, kabhi kisi ko manau main, Papa mujhe chod aao. Roz kalesh hote the mere ghar pe, kya kar rahi hai? Chhod de yeh kaam. Udhar maine commitment kar di thi and mere ghar pe kalesh hota hai ki chhod ne kaun jayega. Production wale yaha nahi aayengey na, gaon mein, Chandigarh mein shoot hai (They've told me several times. I've stood my ground. I won't get married. When I arrived in the industry, my dad accompanied me to shoots for a while. Then I cut off ties with my folks because I was facing problems staying with them. Going to shoots daily was a hassle, I would have to get people to drop me off to shoots, ask my father to do so. There were problems every day. They'd ask me to quit. On the other hand, I have committed and production people wouldn't come to the village for me. The shoot was in Chandigarh)."

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Shehnaaz further revealed that her parents even forced her to get married. "Maine kaha bahut ho gaya, yeh toh teri shaadi kar dengey. Tera jeena haram kar dengey. Kal ko tu kisi ke paas gayi shaadi kar ke, teri toh nibhegi nahi waha pe. Tera toh dimag mein wahi betha hua hai ki acting line mein jaana hai... Aisa bhaagi, vaapas nahi aayi 3-4 saal (I thought enough was enough, these guys would force me to get married. They would make my life miserable. If I got married I wouldn't manage to cope up with my in-laws. My mind was obsessed with getting into the field of acting... So I ran and didn't return for three to four years)."

The Bigg Boss 13 contestant added that her folks were happy after she made a mark in the industry. She said that things are better now. "Ghar wale khush ki tera naam bana hua hai. Tu ne humara naam banaya. Humare ko log poochhte hain kiski beti hai. Log aate hai poochhne kaha hai pe woh? Uss din ki main apne ghar walo ke saath connected hoon (My family is happy that I am famous now. I have made them famous. People want to know whose daughter I am. People come asking for me at home. Since then, I have reconnected with my folks." Well, we are happy for Shehnaaz. It has not been an easy journey for her. Let's see how far she goes on Bigg Boss 13.