Bigg Boss 13: Rakhi Sawant's Husband Ritesh LASHES OUT, 'Don't Use My Wife's Name Loosely On The Show. I Will Sue You'- EXCLUSIVE

Ritesh was up for his FIRST INTERVIEW on, after the dust on Rakhi's hush-hush shaadi in JW Marriott (Juhu) took place. After a few ifs and buts, Rakhi had solely confirmed with that she had indeed got married to a certain Ritesh, who's based in the US. Even the marriage story, which Rakhi had done very secretly amidst very few close ones, was broken by us.

Okay, so the latest is that Rakhi is firmly still with Ritesh and not as speculations were being made out by some TikTok videos of hers. In fact, Ritesh is quite miffed with what's happening in the Bigg Boss show because it involves his wife. There have been instances when the ladies inside the House have made fun of Rakhi and this has irked Ritesh.


Ritesh goes on to challenge the ladies who have mocked at Rakhi (albeit indirectly) that they should have a muqabla in acting and dancing. "I am confident that my wife will beat them," he adds.

Talking to us from the US, Ritesh says, "What's going on? Someone said 'Punjab ki Rakhi Sawant' and now some say 'Rakhi aunty'. Rakhi is not even playing this season. If they want to take somebody's name with any reference whatsoever, it should be someone who is with them in the playing arena. Why involve Rakhi who is an outsider?"


For those who've come in late, Shehnaaz Gill was called 'Rakhi aunty' by Hindustani Bhau. Second, Rashami Desai had tagged Shehnaaz as 'Punjab ki Rakhi Sawant'.

"I will sue the contestant who makes fun of Rakhi hereafter and I will also hold Colors and Endemol equally responsible," he signs off.

Earlier, Rakhi had raised objection. In a couple of videos, Rakhi had said that everyone in Bigg Boss 13 should treat her respectfully.

Being the husband, it is natural for Ritesh to get rattled at how and why is his wife's name being dragged into the show. Let's see if his displeasure falls on ears that can hear.

Image Source:- instagram/rakhisawant2511

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