Bigg Boss 12: Here’s All It Took For Anup Jalota To Say ‘YES’ To Girlfriend Jasleen Matharu!

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Bigg Boss 12: Jasleen-Anup’s Relationship Just A Publicity Stunt For The Show?

After the first Weekend Ka Vaar with show-host Salman Khan, it seems that Bigg Boss 12 contestants have finally got their game plan straight and level headed. From Sreesanth to all the Jodi-daars, everyone’s perspective has been righted on it’s axis.

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However, seems like the most popular jodi-daar contestant of this season, Anup-Jasleen just can’t get away from all the rumors and speculations surrounding them. Well, it has already been reported that Anup Jalota wasn’t actually the first choice for Jasleen Matharu as her partner for the reality show.

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However, a leading portal reports that Kesar Matharu, father of 28-yr-old Jasleen, stated, “I knew Anup Ji for many years. One day, he had come to Andheri for a recording and told me that he was nearby. I told him to come home for tea. At that time, we discussed how Jasleen was approached for Bigg Boss and we wanted her to do the show but could not find the partner. I suggested that he could enter inside as her teacher. It would be a guru-shishya jodi. He refused it initially. He said that he was too old and a misfit for the house. Plus, he said he had many shows. I said it would be three months of rest for him. Finally, he agreed.”

Seems all it took was a cup of tea and the famous Bhajan Samrat was all ‘Yes’ for Bigg Boss 12! However, it is quite true that no one had any inkling of their relationship, not until both Anup-Jasleen admitted to it on the national telivision on Bigg Boss 12 Bigg Night. However, all Kesar Matharu has for Jasleen is good wishes for ahead in her future. “She is my daughter. I wish her the best. People are saying that she is doing well inside the house. She has our blessings.”

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Well, stay tuned for more updates and news over Bigg Boss 12. And let us know whom are you supporting this time in Bigg Boss 12.

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