Bigg Boss 12 Spoiler: Karanvir Bohra & Nirmal Singh-Romil Chaudhary Sent To JAIL & We Know Why!

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Bigg Boss 12 is getting interesting with each passing day, as the makers are leaving no stones unturned to make the show interesting with different tasks and new twists! Recently, we saw the contestants fail in the very first task - BB Press Conference. Later, Bigg Boss announced the nomination task, and in yesterday's episode (September 20, 2018), we saw the contestants fighting for captaincy. Among Dipika Kakar and Kriti-Roshmi, the latter won the captaincy task as their team snatched the flowers from Anup (Dipika had given flowers to Anup). Well, everything is fair in a game, isn't it?
Usually, the contestant who does not perform well is sent to the jail. But this time, Bigg Boss shocked the viewers by announcing that three contestants will be going to the jail! The three contestants who were sent to the jail have been directly nominated for eviction next week!

Karanvir Hits The Door With His Leg!

It has to be recalled that after the captaincy task got over, it was Romil Choudhary, who snatched the flowers from Anup and ran. Later, the Nirmal and Deepak took the flowers and went inside the bathroom. Karanvir Bohra was angry with the duo and he hit the bathroom door with his leg.

Did Karanvir Damage Bigg Boss Property?

We assume that the door got damaged. As the viewers are aware, if the Bigg Boss property is damaged by any person, he or she will be punished and we assume that Bigg Boss reprimanded him because of this reason.

Karanvir Caught Sleeping

Also, Karanvir was caught sleeping during the day! A source was quoted by IE as saying, "In three days, Karanvir was caught sleeping. Today, the actor dozed off while sitting. When the alarm rang again, the embarrassed Karanvir told Bigg Boss that he wasn't sleeping, but meditating. While he tried hard to convince everyone, the housemates continued to pull his leg."

Well, looks like KVB got into trouble for damaging the Bigg Boss property and sleeping during the day, and that's the reason he was sent to the jail! (Image Source: IE)

Why Were Nirmal & Romil Punished?

Were Nirmal and Romil, reprimanded because of the task (snatching the flowers)? If so, why Deepak was not punished? Well, we will have to wait and watch to know why Romil and Nirmal were sent to the jail!

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