Bigg Boss 12: Shilpa Shinde Comes in Support of Sreesanth Against Surbhi Rana
Shilpa Shinde has been very vocal about the mind games in Bigg Boss. Recently, the actress addressed Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana's ugly fight.

Shilpa Shinde has been very vocal about the mind games in Bigg Boss. She never minces her words when it comes to expressing opinions about contestants and their strategy.

Recently, Surbhi Rana and Sreesanth got into an ugly fight. Their argument stooped really low when the former cricketer passed unwarranted comments on Surbhi's character. In return, Surbhi accused Sreesanth of being disrespectful towards women. On Weekend Ka Vaar, Sreesanth apologised for his behaviour and eventually the huge blow-out resulted in Sreesanth breaking down.

In the last episode, Surbhi was extremely upset with the situation and was seen sobbing in the house while Karanvir tried to pacify her. On the other hand, Dipika and Romil tried to convince Sreesanth to apologise to Surbhi.

Commenting about it, Shilpa Shinde, took to Twitter and wrote, "I’m amazed looking at how people are constantly targeting Sree about a topic for which he apologised Surbhi in front of Salman ji. Moreover I get goosebumps coz I relate to what happened to me during the last month of BB11 where my confidence was termed as over-confidence."

Also, Sreesanth's wife tweeted in support of him and said that Surbhi is playing the ‘woman card.’

Earlier, addressing the issue in Weekend Ka Vaar when Salman Khan mentioned that he was upset that other women in the house also didn't stand up for Surbhi. Salman Khan strictly stated that drawing the line when it comes to winning has been blurred and will not be tolerated in the house. Playing by the rules is important and playing respectfully is a necessity.