Bigg Boss 12: Rs 2.5 Crore! Sreesanth Reveals His Fees For The Show In This Video?

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Sreesanth reveals he is getting Rs 2.5 crore to be on Bigg Boss 12? Watch this shocking video

Sreesanth and Surbhi Rana are the new enemies on Bigg Boss 12, and the worst part is that they both are locked together in the kaalkothri of the Bigg Boss house along with Dipika Kakar. This was the perfect opportunity for Surbhi to take revenge from Sreesanth, who accused her of smoking inside the house, which is against the rules of the house. He convinced the other housemates to be on his side and they did, which pissed Surbhi further and she started shouting her lungs out and swore to make Sreesanth's life a living hell.

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And she has been doing that while they are in the jail by mocking him. And obviously, Sreesanth is not liking it one bit as he asks Bigg Boss to let him go out of the house. It is during this, he also reveals the amount of money he is getting paid to be on the show. We saw the promo that is dropped by the makers and we think we heard him saying that he is being paid Rs 2.5 crore, but it's not worth all of the torture. Bigg Boss 12 Eviction: Sourabh Patel Gets Eliminated From Salman Khan's Show? At Least That's What The Fans Want.

Check out the promo right here:

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As you saw even host Salman Khan is shocked at what Sreesanth said. Salman says that Sreesanth should realise himself that what he said was wrong. Will he reprimand Sreesanth for revealing his fees? Well, we are waiting to see that, but we definitely know that Salman is not very pleased with Sreesanth quitting the tasks repeatedly. Plus Salman will also prove that Sreesanth's accusation against Surbhi are wrong and that she didn't smoke inside the house. 

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