Bigg Boss 12: Makers Are Biased Towards Sreesanth And These Instances Are Proof

Swarupa Tantravahi
With the conviction that Bigg Boss and Salman Khan are favouring Sreesanth, will we be surprised if Sree lifts the Bigg Boss 12 trophy?

The upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 12 will see host Salman Khan crack the whip on the housemates this week for their growing disobedience in the house. This season of Bigg Boss has been known for the ‘over the top’ loud contestants and has also repeatedly made it to the news for unnecessary and uncouth fights, abusive language and all things bad. However, what tops the list is the repeated favouritism towards ex-cricketer Sreesanth by the makers and Salman. Bigg Boss 12: Sreesanth's SLAP To Rohit Suchanti Didn't Connect, But He Still Deserves A Punishment

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There have been multiple instances where Twitter has erupted in debates of how the showrunners and Salman are siding with Sreesanth and are pulling up rest of the contestants for similar behaviour. In a recent incident, Sreesanth raised his hand to slap Rohit Suchanti, but the slap did not connect Rohit. Even still, Sreesanth was not pulled up for attempted violence (until now). We agree that not only this, but a lot of violence that happens in the Bigg Boss house is after immense provocation, but the basic rule of the house states that the contestant in question be evicted from the house immediately if he/she resorts to violence.

Also, during the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Surbhi Rana will be asked to nominate 3 contestants that she wants to send to the jail and her first name will be Sreesanth’s. But he does not agree to Surbhi’s reasoning and stubbornly declares that he will not go to the jail and walks off from the living area. Surbhi follows him to the washroom to justify herself, but Sreesanth locks himself up and refuses to come out. Bigg Boss 12: Housemates Stand Up for Surbhi Rana, Slam Sreesanth for His ‘Railway Station’ Comment; Watch Video

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However, looks like Dipika Kakar, who followed him to the washroom, manages to convince Sree to accept Surbhi’s judgement and we do see the man behind bars in the episode moving forward.

After seeing the visual, the first thing that came to our minds was Shivashish Mishra’s incident, where he did not pay heed to Romil nominating him for the kaal kothri and we all know how that ended (Bigg Boss did not take kindly to Shiv’s attitude and ended up nominating all the housemates and in the following Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan evicted Shiv from the house.)

This made us wonder, what if Sreesanth too would have grown adamant and put his foot down to go to jail? Would the rest of the housemates cajole him into abiding rules? Or would Bigg Boss (like he called him inside the confession room and consoled him previously call Sree into the confession room and ask him nicely to obey the rules? Or would Salman Khan get him evicted just like he did with Shivashish? Do let us know in your comments section below.
We’d also like to make it clear that we have no beef/issues/bias towards Sreesanth or any particular contestant in the house. All we feel is that considering Sreesanth’s age and maturity, the man should not lose his cool at the minutest and insignificant things and must tread carefully, considering the crucial stage that the game is at.

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